Eversolo dmp A6 vs Master edition vs Z8

Has anyone heard all 3 ? What are your thoughts? 
giong into a Chronus Magnum 2 with Falcon q7 and potential lrs+.

Thank you for your thoughts.



lol….here I am reading the entire thread trying to make a choice. Clearly a burden of the human condition to stall when too many of them are presented. Choice paradox! So what about compared to a Lumin U2 mini? Or will the A8 still outperform my existing preamp and dac if I simply find an excellent streamer upgrade? They’ve all been toured through on YouTube, but still doesn’t quite get to many of the specific scenarios. Would be so cool  if Eversolo would put out a streamer only version of the A8 with those added features. Just not part of their approach and business model it seems…

Not really expecting an answer here, I know I would simply need to try and compare. Imagine that any streamer upgrade alone would make enough of an improvement. Just illustrating the frustration with all of this! I’m going to keep at where I am for a while longer and see what turns up. Thanks to everyone here just the same for clearing up some of the benefits of one vs another.

Fyi, I have now owned the Eversolo A6, A6 master, A6 master with LPS, and the new A8. Only used these as streamers and mostly local file playing. Yes, they all sounded different. As most of you know, the A6 is very forward and can be bright. The Master is a little less so and the LPS adds some refinement. The A8 Is VERY good and fixes all the nasties. Very refined sound, but will not be to everyone's taste. It was not mine, granted  I did not put much time on, before I returned it. The sound was just a little too laid back for my taste and system. For the money the A8 is a very good kit, and it compared very favorably, to the HI Fi Rose 130 I had on hand. So much so, I sold the 130. I ended up with a Aurender N200. Bingo! that one worked the best for me.


Since you didn't use any of the above listed EVERSOLO Dac sections - just as a streamer (at least that's the impression I got), may I inquire what DAC you did use in your evaluations?


Sure, I used a Schitt yggy, Denefries Pontius 2, and a Denefries Terminator 2 Plus Anniversary. The amp used was a Passlabs 250 with Dynaudio special 40's.

I have the Eversolo DMP-A8 and I like it for my second system but have issues with the phone app (Android).

I can't seem to get AppleMusic on the phone app even though I signed in on the unit. Also, I'm not sure how to get the SSD files organized (by genre, song etc) or how to get a playlist going. I've foudn Eversolo's website help pretty useless with respect to the app.