Eversolo DMP A6 with or without preamp

I just bought an Eversolo DMP A6, and it sounded great by connecting directly to my MacIntosh MC302 amp. I am trying to figure out why it seems to sound better than going thru my Mac C2300 tube preamp which shouldn’t be too shabby. 

Are most of you using this DAC/Streamer by directly connecting to the amp?  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 



Trade in the C2300 for a digital preamp.  I have the MDA200,  it has the preamp section from the C53, and it sounds wonderful straight into my 7270.

I prefer a dac/preamp combo with separate streamer, as compared to streamer/dac with separate preamp. 

You can get the MDA200 for about the same price you can sell the C2300 for, and it has the latest D2 dac.

eyelai777, your experience makes sense.  If a source such as your Eversolo streamer has a variable output with sufficient voltage and current, then you can drive an amplifier directly.  This eliminates interconnects, contacts, potentiometers, capacitors, gain stages (tube or SS), and power supplies that can only get in the way.

Of course, we audiophiles often have multiple sources (e.g. discs, phono, tape, radio) so a pre-amp is a convenient way to select, buffer impedances, and control gain/attenuation. 

Your Mac pre-amp should be close to transparent. I recommend setting the Eversolo output for bypass and re-evaluating.  It's possible that "analog volume setting to max" in variable mode may not be the most linear or noise free condition.

If the sound is still "veiled" then you could experiment with premium tubes as suggested by another post or explore other solutions if you choose.

I have not used the eversolo before. I would say that it depends on the output section of the Dac. I used to use a dCS Bartok straight into an amp and it was good. I have since moved to MSB w currently with the premier Dac and s202 amp. There is synergy there as they are designed to work together. MSB dacs are also designed so there is enough output coming from their ladders. This eliminates the need to boost the signal at the output stage. The implementation of the volume control is really important too.