Eversolo DMP-A8

I've been pondering the DMP-A8; looks like a fun piece of kit, and I was curious about it's in/out configurability.


If anyone has the A8 or can answer this question I'd be grateful 😊.


Could you, for example, run one of it's digital outs, say I2S, to an external DAC, and run the XLR outs of the DAC back in to the A8's XLR in's. 


My thoughts are to then take the RCA outs of the A8, using it's pre-amp section running to my integrated, but bypassing it's pre-amp and just using the power amp section? (my integrated allows this).


Would this be doable within the A8's in/out configuration software?


Thanks guys


What an interesting question.  You can definitely use the digital outs of the A8 to your DAC effectively limiting the use of the A8 to being a streamer.  However, you need to specify ONE input and ONE output.  So once you specify your digital source you can't specify an analog input at the same time.  And once you specify a digital output you can't have an analog output at the same time.  It is easy enough to switch your inputs and outputs in the app but your intended use isn't possible.

But also you would never want to do it your way since chaining sections like that will just increase distortion and degrade the quality of your music.  Assuming your DAC has a way of controlling volume just take it's outputs and put them into your power amp.

Also, the DAC in the A8 is very good.  I have compared it directly to the Gustard R26, PS Audio Directstream MKII, ANK 4.1x LE, and the Berkeley Audio Reference 2.  The A8 outperforms the R26 and Directstream, may or many not outperform the ANK 4.1 depending on what is important to you, and is just very slightly worse than the Berkeley Ref2.  In general the A8 is an extraordinary value although there are still some rough spots in the software.


Thanks very much for your reply; this is really helpful.

To me, the A8 is a very intriguing product; I may buy one despite not being able to do what I proposed.

It just seems like such a fun, feature packed piece of kit, and from everything I've read/watched, sounds pretty darn good as well.

Thanks again 👍😊

I purchased the A8 several weeks ago and I like it a lot. There is a learning curve due to the numerous options, like any new electronic gadget.

I do have one word of caution (after learning the hard way and possibly damaging my components in the process). I chose the option that sets the output volume (gain?) at max and I use my integrated amp for volume + and -. What I did not realize at first is that the analog input is pre-set to a +10db gain. When I hooked up my CDP’s analog outputs to the A8, I immediately got lots of popping and crackling at high volume and I thought there was something wrong with the cable or the player. I tried another cable and still had the same popping/crackling. I tried another CDP and still had the popping/crackling. I was at my wit’s end, thinking that the A8 was somehow defective.

I don’t know why, but I remember reading in the manual (yes, I read them) about the +10db gain in the analog input, but it made no mention of its relation to the volume setting option.

I changed the fixed volume option to variable and that’s when it became obvious. The volume indicator then showed -100 to 0db in yellow, and .5 to 10db in RED (looked like a tachometer in a car) and I was in the red. I turned the volume way down and immediately tried the analog inputs again. Everything was fine after that. Whew!

The user manual leaves a LOT to be desired, as there is no mention of this setting being a potential problem. I’m glad it didn’t result in any damage. Perhaps someone wiser than me would have known to check this first, but I’d never seen such a thing with any other streamers I’ve had (SONOS, etc).

Hope this helps someone avoid the same problem.

Had same issue and it was driving me nuts.  Did you even up leaving it on variable, but at like a -5?  I guess using passthrough with analog is not really possible?