Everyone whose Merlins...

have just passed the break-in period, could you please post your thoughts on the speaker and SuperBAM. A friend is using my pair till my room is finished(Sometime next year).
Yes and no on the Stereovox. Right now I have a mix of Cerious Tech IC's, Stereovox IC's, and Stereovox speaker cables. Really like the Cerious, although I think the Stereovox have cleaner, more pristine highs, kind of a trade off.
I had the MM's for about 5 months.--Pretty much not much deep bass to speak of.---I live in an apt; so I wasn't looking for subwoofer bass; just the lower foundation of the music. --After the newness wore off,I knew I had to have some bass. I bought the Wilson Sophia. Changing absolutely nothing but the speakers and placing them in just about the same spot;+ or -, a foot, all I can say is WOW!!--Now the "Super Bam" came to late for me. I drove both speakers with a set CJ'8s.---(I also had the Dehavilland AriesG for a spell)--I've had these amps(CJ's) for 3 years; driving several other speakers most notable being Montana's EPS. The bass from the Montana is near that of the Wilson; the rest of that speaker isn't in the league of MM or Soph.-- I know I'm going against the grain here but as a former owner I'm just stating my opinion on how they (MM's) performed in my room with my equipment.----There is a reason there have been several threads entitled--"What sub. with??--
HI Oneprof

Please tell us where you are using the Cerious and how it differs from Stereovox.
I have the VSM-SE's and just got my BAM back from Merlin as well. A worth while upgrade.

Had the VSM-MM's for almost a year.Waiting for the Superbam in the mail now.Hope to post after breakin...I really like the speakers with the standard Bam so should be good,Bob