Everything matter in the audio chain. Tests prove it!

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Thanks for the Alpha Audio link. Will require further study but I've wondered why this hasn't been done before.

I have always been a firm believer that everything in the chain counts, and contributes,  the key is finding the right components. One should take deliberate care and do their due diligence but inevitably one may take a step backward. Data like this can help in the decision process and it is only one part of the equation.

Yes acoustics are a huge part and some of us have well treated rooms and others just throw a blanket over a tv or window and call it treated.  Some do nothing and use REW software and think they are good.

But combine all of these elements and it could be audio nirvana.

Don't blindly dismiss something as Snake Oil if you have never tried it. Yes the bottom line is how the system makes you feel and your interpretation of the pressure waves being sent to your ears. Music is emotional and so is this passion we have for audio and the equipment we place in the chain. 

From the article:

Do cables affect frequency response? Yes. That too is visible and measurable. In particular, the Shunyata deviates in a positive way. And this cable does so in all cases. Your author believes that it has been proven that a cable has an influence. In our tests it is about values of sometimes 0.5 dBu. That is audible. Is it worth a serious investment? We’ll leave that up to you.

the differences will be notably more huge, if one does transient and complex transients stacked and their harmonics, as a fundamental test.

As LITERALLY, that is how the ear hears and works. the other 90% of the signal used in the test, is meaningless, as the ear never uses and never hears it.

This is about how engineering and tests relates directly to how we hear. So get it right.

Getting closer...


Yes this is interesting and potentially of some value in choosing or tuning a system. The more tools the better.