Evolution Acoustics MM2/MM3


i am toying with the idea of replacing my current speakers. I currently have Rockport Aviors, which by the way, I love.

The only reason reason I would contemplate changing the Aviors are for bigger, better scale of presentation, bass definition and depth and most importantly, the ability to adjust the bass and tweeter response. Hence the veer towards EA speakers.

While I have posted a similar post elsewhere in the forum, I hope someone will be able to comment on whether I am looking in the right direction or not? Also, I would be quite keen to buy a used pair of MM2 or MM3 ( for that matter) if someone here is keen to sell theirs on way to an upgrade.

neeless to say, I have heard only good things about EA and some recent impression, of one of my good audiophile friends, of the MM7 at Mike Lavigne's has piqued my interest substantially. Surely, I don't want to lose on the trade-in, so lots of things jostling in my mind at the same time. 

Would welcome ideas.......please!



Don't know if you can really go wrong with the EAs, but there are so many options out there at these price points.  The thing that really puzzles me most is why you feel the need for bass/treble controls, which will greatly limit your options.  My recommendation would be to get the speakers that do what you're looking for and deal with frequency issues with room treatments and/or digital speaker and room correction.  Then your options become unlimited. 

That said, and if scale and impact are what you're looking for, I'd take a hard look at some multi-driver line source type speakers.  I've never forgotten hearing speakers like Nola Grand Reference, Pipedreams, and Genesis 2 at shows.  I think it's the combination of all those drivers and surface area combined with speaker height that produces an effortless majesty that is just harder for shorter speakers with fewer drivers to match.  I'd even consider looking at the Carver ALS or Gallo Reference with a couple good subs if the others are out of the price ballpark new or used.  Those line source presentations at shows have always stuck with me as truly special in what they do, and if I had the scratch and the space that's the way I'd go.  Just another option and FWIW.  The larger ribbon and electrostatic speakers produce something similar in my experience, but they seem to lack some of the oomph and thrust of more conventional drivers.  Again, just my impression and experience.  In any event, best of luck. 

Thanks, Soix. The reasons I need adjustability is that I might move into a smaller living space in a larger city soon, where I may not have the luxury of space. Also, in my current set up, I do feel there are room modes that bother me sometimes and I want to minimize their impact. I do have a couple of subs currently which help. 

I dont necessarily want to tinker around with DRC and while I do have some absorption and diffusion set up in the room, I don't want to overdo it. Today I have a dedicated listening room, tomorrow I may not and all the bass traps and paraphernalia just spoil the get up of the living room if it's not dedicated to music.

as to scale, I do agree that there is no substitute to a large multi driver floor stander and yes I can move up the Rockport family but it gets really expensive!

thanks again


I'm really wondering how you feel you can make a statement like you did with a clear conscience. You have no idea what we use or what rockport uses inside our respective speakers. I think it is in very bad taste that you responded the way you did.
If you want to promote speakers that you sell, no one is going to give you a hard time about that as long as you disclose properly. But when you denigrate a competitor's speakers without knowing anything about them, you lose all credibility.

Rockport makes a musical sounding well built speaker with good quality drivers. I certainly think our Evolution Acoustics go further in absolutely every way sonically, but I have nothing negative to say about Rockport.
@jtinn, I agree it’s not cool to talk down a competitor’s products without disclosing your own commercial interests. Rockport make some very well put together speakers & use some of the best composite cabinets in the business.

As far as the Paradigm Persona 9H speakers go, they use mostly car audio technology (eg: small diameter opposed active subs, ice amps, dual VC woofers etc). Dual VC woofers are 30 year old technology abandoned by Watkins Stereo almost 20 years ago. Today, no serious high end speaker manufacturer uses dual VC woofers.

I own Magico S5 Mk2 speakers. There is a reason why Magico don’t use Beryllium midrange driver cones and pure Beryllium tweeters (anymore). The S5 Mk2’s feature diamond-coated beryllium tweeters which provide an ideal balance between mass and stiffness. And the new robust motor system and long-throw voice coil design have lower distortion which allowed the breakup to be moved beyond the band pass, allowing seamless integration with the midrange driver.

The S5 Mk2’s use the exact same midrange drivers as the new $75k M3. From Magico’s press release - " The newly designed Magico six-inch midrange and seven-inch bass driver cones found in the M3 are both manufactured from Multi-Wall carbon XG Nanographene and a new proprietary ultra-stiff carbon weave which is 20% lighter and 300% stiffer than the cone material used in previous Magico loudspeaker offerings. The underhung neodymium base motor system provides an ultra-stabilized magnetic field for the pure Titanium voice coil to operate within. This radical new driver design offers the lowest THD in the industry and sets the performance benchmark for others to aspire to."

In the bass department, the S5 Mk2’s use all new 10" bass drivers with modified motor systems, extremely powerful magnets and ultra stiff aluminium cones & Nanographene dust caps which extend down to 20Hz and keep pace with the mid and high frequencies for a seamless whole. The big improvement in the S5 Mk2 is their lower distortion, greater coherency & improved sound staging. Off-axis performance is excellent; the mark of well engineered drivers, crossovers and cabinets.

If I were contemplating spending $35k on a pair of those Paradigm speakers, for the sake of an extra $3k, I would include the S5 Mk2s or new S3 Mk2’s (due soon) on my audition list. That’s the difference between high end, and aspiring high end speakers. Disclosure: I am not a dealer or distributor, just a happy end user.
Hi melbguy1,

thanks for your thoughts. I like magico S series more than the Q. Having said this, I clearly preferred the Avior to the S5. I'm sure the mark II S5 should be better in all respects but I wouldn't want to move just for that reason. As mentioned, the only aspects that the Avior probably lack, to an extent, are scale and adjustability both of which I will not be able to obtain by moving to another passive design. Of course, this is my opinion