Evolution Acoustics MM2/MM3


i am toying with the idea of replacing my current speakers. I currently have Rockport Aviors, which by the way, I love.

The only reason reason I would contemplate changing the Aviors are for bigger, better scale of presentation, bass definition and depth and most importantly, the ability to adjust the bass and tweeter response. Hence the veer towards EA speakers.

While I have posted a similar post elsewhere in the forum, I hope someone will be able to comment on whether I am looking in the right direction or not? Also, I would be quite keen to buy a used pair of MM2 or MM3 ( for that matter) if someone here is keen to sell theirs on way to an upgrade.

neeless to say, I have heard only good things about EA and some recent impression, of one of my good audiophile friends, of the MM7 at Mike Lavigne's has piqued my interest substantially. Surely, I don't want to lose on the trade-in, so lots of things jostling in my mind at the same time. 

Would welcome ideas.......please!





i really enjoyed Ked's visit. lots of great music. he did seem to enjoy the Evolution Acoustics MM7's. prior to the MM7's i did own the MM3's for 7 years.

there are so many variables in a music reproduction system, but what you hear is limited by the limits of the speaker system. the MM2/MM3 has a very large performance envelope. it can control a large space, or a more limited space equally well. since the active bass is a sealed box it can be moved near a wall, or in open space. the bass response can be tuned to scale for that space. the ceramic mid-range/ribbon tweeter is the same as my MM7's, and has a wonderful seamless listenability. and the ease of driving the MM2/MM3 (93db, 6 ohm) allow a wide choice of amplifiers and allows modest powered amps to stay in their ideal performance range.

and you can always upgrade the MM2/MM3 with the Exact module which is the same crossover used in my MM7's for a boost in performance.

the MM2/MM3 is an 'end-game' product and i highly recommend it.

i don't know anyone in the South Florida area (i'll be in Palm Beach myself in a couple weeks for 4 days at a business meeting) with MM2/MM3's. but you are welcome to visit me anytime......and i do have a local friend with the MM3's in a small room that sounds fantastic.

best regards,


I started with a MM2 and really enjoyed it.  I upgraded to the MM3 and couldn't be happier.

if you gonna spend $$$ then imho it's great to have bass and treble control to adjust to diff room acoustic.

I think even though expensive the MM3 with powered woofer is a better value than the Magico.  

Thanks, Mike. Yes, Kedar had only good things to say about your set up and your hospitality, to boot!

if I am ever in your part of the world, I will readily take you up on the offer.

i need to now look at ways in which I can probably get a MM2 to start with without losing too much on my Aviors. Given that I am not in a hurry, helps!!

Hey Melb guy dude you are so way off base it isn't even funny.

Compare the size of Magico in gross sales and net revenue to Paradigm, Paradigm has been making great speakers for many years using some quite superb drivers. Their factory is 250,000 sq feet.

Why is this relevant Paradigm makes money, a lot of money, with vast resources you can build anything you want and easily out spend a smaller competitor. If B&W wanted to build a 10 million dollar speaker they could, they are about a $300 million dollar a year company, for that matter so could Bose, they are about $3.4 billion dollar a year company.

It is talent and resources and desire that determines what a company can do. 

Paradigm was always a conservative company, that always built a good but not earth shattering product with Persona they are producing a world class speaker that can compare with a $70k or more Magico easily and in terms of driver technology the Persona drivers are right up there with the best drivers on the planet, perhaps only the heinously expensive pure Diamond drivers of Acuton may be better.

Beryillium for years has been considered the best if not one of the best materials to build a loudspeaker cone out of it is self damping, extremely rigid and very light. No one uses it as it is extremely expensive and nearly impossible to source, as well as extremely toxic and difficult to work with. 

Stop drinking the Magico cool aid, to think that a layer of diamond dust over a Beryillium alloy is even close to a pure Beryillium driver you got another thing coming, and Graphene is another way of saying fancy carbon fiber composite driver, again something that has been done many times before so don't start throwing stones at Paradigm engineering that have a boat load of patents on driver design.

Magico makes superb drivers but to honestly believe that their drivers are superior to any other superb set of drivers is just silly.

Magico makes a very fine speaker if you like them great, many people find Magico's boring, I visited a very famous retailer and heard the $170k pair and was hardly moved by them, they did many things well, one of our clients has the Rockport Arakis and quite frankly not even in the same ballpark as the Magico.

As per Jtinn's comments, I know exactly what is inside an  Evolution speaker we did a repair job to replace a blown tweeter in a guy's house in CT, so yes I know intimately what is inside and how the speaker is constructed. 

I have also been inside a Rockport as well so you have no idea to whom you speak I have been building speakers for close to 40 years and into this hobby since the 60's, my first system was all Dynaco hand built, Tandberg Reel to Reel and Ar3A loudspeakers, so experience I got a plenty. 

Did Jtinn disclose duh that he is the manufacturer of Evolution Acoustics or Mike Lavigne is a partner in their venture?  I  work  doing  repairs and do occasional installation work so it is more of a fun part time thing,so it is pretty clear that I am affiliated with a dealer. 
Astrotoy: You are ridiculous. You have no idea what you’re talking about and are bordering on libel.

I certainly disclosed that I am the manufacturer of the Evolution Acoustics loudspeakers. Mike Lavigne is a customer and friend. Absolutely not a partner in any way in any of my companies.

Very unprofessional