Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne

Hey guys,

Has anyone heard the new Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne? Just saw this pic from CES 2011.


Any thoughts on this one?
I just couldn't resist throwing a wrench into this discussion of a several thousand dollar front end driving a lower price speaker to make it sound better than it would with lesser priced electronics and in a sense accusing Evolution Acoustics of tricking buyers! I have always agreed with Laura Dearborn in her book "Good Sound" that everything starts with the source and works down stream and nothing along the way can improve the signal; that speakers only sound as good as what's driving them! Here's the wrench; after listening to the MicroMM1's at shows and always loving them, I sold my MAXX 2's and my JRDG Mono 9tiHC amps to take a chance on a pair of Evolution Acoustics MM2's. Went cold turkey without music since before Turkey Day. So here come my MM2's. I set them up yesterday and since I didn't have a new amp yet I connected a $100 Sony AV Receicer along with a $60 Sony DVD player, zip wire to the speakers and everything plugged into the wall (not my dedicated lines) and without any filtering. Since this speaker is 375lbs/side I had a couple fellow audiophiles over. We decided to listen to this embarrassingly low fi set up on this very over matched set of speakers! For all you doubters trashing Jonathan Tinn and Evolution Acoustics for stacking the deck with the best of best electronics I am here to tell you that this speaker out of the box with this cheap set of electronics was mind boggling! My friends and I laughed how engaging the sound was--huge sound stage left to right and front to back with unbelievable detail and musicality. These speakers are special and I cannot wait for the break in period to pass to truly enjoyed the capabilities of this amazing speaker. With the adjustability of the tweeter and bass unit I am convinced I will have the best speaker I have ever owned and will have it custom tuned to my listening. My final comment is a great speaker can still show it's greatness and potential with lesser quality electronics, but of course will sound that much better with electronics of equal or better quality! Stop with the bashing already! I was told this will be the last speaker I will want to own and so far I think that comment is on the money! I can only see myself adding the additional bass units and making MM3's.
Hifimaniac, I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to hear these speakers with other electronics. They sounded great at THE Show in 2011. I fully understand why they have been long in reaching market as this is not uncommon. I look forward to hearing production versions of these very promising speakers.
JTinn-- one deep question:

Do any of your speakers come in black?

All I see is that same exact wood finish on every picture of every model Evo I've ever seen.

Black would be so sleek what with the silvery drivers and all...

Just my Manhattan metrosexual two cents.
Per conversation with JT, no black in plans. Also, fyi, stands not optional and a center is available for $1250. Looking forward to early recipients feedback!!
Not to beat a dead horse, especially since this thread is a little old, but I am sort of astonished by the arguments here.

The speaker, unlike anything else in the chain of a stereo, is the electro-MECHANICAL piece that actually produces the sound.
Being the last piece in the chain, it uniquely takes on the character of every other piece before it.
As such, why is it so unreasonable to mate an extremely good speaker, regardless of cost, with extremely good electronics, regardless of their cost?

The argument of "it's not a real world representation" is very much off the mark.
Mating something like the YG Anat with anything other than a brute force Krell (or something like it) is more akin to deviating from the real world. Here, cost has nothing to do with it.
Because the YG is such a ridiculously demanding load, even pairing it with the equally expensive Lamm ML3 would make is sound like dog crap. The YG REQUIRES a brute force amp.
This is what real pairing is all about when considering speakers/electronics.
The EA/Dartzeel combo is nothing of the sort described above.

If I had a budget of, say, up to $4,000 for a speaker, I would want to know which speaker sounded the best on the best equipment. This is patently logical to me.
A speaker that sounds state of the art on the best equipment is not going to sound like crap on modest equipment. At least not any more crappy than the electronics themselves. And definitely not any worse than a speaker that still sounds like crap when paired with the best electronics.
It's simple math here.
Crap+crap=lots of crap.
Excellence+crap= less crap overall.
PLUS, knowing that I had invested in a truly great speaker leaves me with the possibility of focusing on better electronics in the future while not worrying if my speakers are going to keep up.

How is this not logical?