Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne

Hey guys,

Has anyone heard the new Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne? Just saw this pic from CES 2011.


Any thoughts on this one?
Recroom: Have you considered calling EA? Their number is readily available on their website. This approach may be more effective.
Recroom: I answer each and every email I receive. Emailing is not a perfect communication method. At times, emails might not get through or might inadvertently go into spam. I have checked my spam folder and found nothing.

If you did not get a response, you could have certainly contacted me through A'gon or called me directly. If you would prefer me to call you, send me a message through Audiogon, with your number and when you would like me to call.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Tinn
Evolution Acoustics
Recroom, I'm from Van and have received my mmMicroOnes last week. While it was difficult to get a hold of Jonathan, the times I did email and call him, he was courteous and professional.

Try the number on Bluelightaudio.com. All the best.
To Glory:

No need for snide comments. I am perfectly willing to drive down to the US of A to pick up a pair of speakers.

Thanks to all others who have made an effort to be more helpful.

" I realize the owners of EA are busy getting their new Chinese speaker project off the ground, but finding good office help should not be difficult."

Who is the SA? Again the Chinese name calling is a slap in the Face and uncalled for.

The Tinn man showed a lot of character to respond to you like he did.

Take back what you wrote!!