Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne

Hey guys,

Has anyone heard the new Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne? Just saw this pic from CES 2011.


Any thoughts on this one?
"it is very musically convincing"
That says quite a lot.This seems like a long term satisfying system you have.
Iknev: The Micro Ones will be PERFECT in your room. You will have plenty of room to position them ideally. Play with side/front wall distances. Small changes in wall proximity will pay off for you. The bass output is prodigious, no need for a subwoofer.
I listened to the Gallos while looking for my new system (the Strada+Sub). Actually, it was only a few days before a listened to the MMM1s. I wanted to get to know the Gallo house sound. I liked it very, very much... that is, until I listened to the MMM1s. The Gallos are very, very fast, but so are the MMM1s. I did feel a little uncomfortable with the Gallo's slight metallic tone in the higher mids. We played around with different ICs, but when using a more "musical" cable (Silent Source) I lost that wonderful transparent timbre the Gallo's had and didn't really get rid of the emphasis. Going back to AQ Sky make everything clear again, but the higher mid got worse. Getting the right cables for the Gallos seems paramount. I believe that the Gallo's will give you better deep LF.
Having said that, I honestly don't believe that the Gallo's are in the same league as the MMM1s. I'm not badmouthing the Gallo's. I loved them until I listened to the MMM1s. Maybe it's best to compare them to my former speakers, the KEF Reference 201.2s, which are wonderful in many ways and are (or were) more than twice the MMM1 price. Surprisingly the latter bettered the former in almost everything and some things by not a small margin.
I'm starting to think that break-in is far enough for me to get serious with speaker placement, since I haven't played with placement since setting them up and without even trying to get a golden triangle for starters.
I definitely wouldn't go with low-powered amps. These speakers need high currents and it doesn't hurt to have high-powered quality amps either. The rest of my setup should show that I take these speakers very seriously.
My burn in is over and impressions are on par with what I'm hearing here. I love them and find them amazing regardless of price point. Key points for me my room is not that big 15x16 and they fill it nicely. Using both ARC REF250s and REF75 for amps and both are stunning. I suppose I could go spend much more but why? Great Job EA !!!!