Exactpower EP2000 vs. PS Audio Power plant P600

Has anyone reviewed these two head to head? If not, I am very interested to hear any reviews on the Exactpower EP2000. I would appreciate any feedback.
See the following for a review of the ExactPower unit:

I have both the PS Audio 600 and the EP2000. The EP-2000 is rated for 2000 W, the P-600 will max out at 720w. The EP-2000will only put out 120V, the P-600 has an ajustable voltage, multi-wave, and balanced power. The EP-2000 is not balanced. The P-600 eats alot more power (for a given output) than the EP-2000.

I have experimented a great deal with these two and wound up using the P-600 for my audio only system, and the EP-2000 for my projection TV and all video sources. I cannot tell a difference between the two on VIDEO sources. I CAN tell a difference on audio. The P-600 is being used exclusively on an ARC VT-200 amplifier. The main difference is in high frequencies where the P-600 gets rid of the last little bit of hash in the treble.

Good luck!!!
Thanks for the responses. Is there anyone else that has compared these or that has used teh exact power?