Excellent Solid State or Hybrid Monoblocks Recommendations

I am interested in staying under 15k for a pair of high performing monoblocks, sold state or hybrid, to acquire. 

My current system is an Aric Audio Motherlode preamp, a Space-Tech super tube rectifier, Teac NT-505 modded dac, outboard clock, Aerial Acoustic 7T modded speakers, ENIGMAcoustics Sopranino supertweeters, Grover Huffman Pharoah biwire speaker cables, Zavfino Silver Dart interconnects, Melco 6TB server, Melco CD transport, Waversa Reference USB filter between the cd transport and server, Waversa Reference LAN filter, Synergistic Research active grounding block, and Synergistic Research Ethernet Switch UEF.

My modded JC1 monoblocks sound heavenly.  However, I am having issues with no sound coming out of 1 channel.  My modded PassLab X250.5 amps sound really good but lack the top end sparkle, air and litheness of the Parasounds JC1s.   I am gonna fire back up my Canary CA-160 modded tube monoblocks but am not wild about the tube maintenance requirements.


So, I seek another pair of monoblocks that excel in clarity, balance across the frequency spectrum but also present upper registers with delicacy, spaciousness, and nice instrument separation.  I am looking at Audio Van Alstine 750 wpc monoblocks and the Thrax black monoblocks up for sale here on Audiogon.  Other suggestions? 

Thanks in advance.

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Personally I think you have a great set of monoblocks in the canary ca160 s. Order a set of sohpia  electric  blue bottle el34 power tubes and be happy . By what you have said it appears like you are not afraid of spending  money on your audio  adventure so just go order the 16 el 34s and be happy. The other lower cost tube that I tube rolled I can look and yell you what I ended up with it escapes me at the moment.  I believe  one pair are reflecktor  another pair is valvo the other two pairs I will have to look at. 




I read your post quickly and without my glasses, but what speakers are you driving/want to drive?  I think that makes a biggest difference in choice.

FWIW, I went with Classe Delta Monos (slightly higher that budget if you bought open box/used, but in your target range) for BW800s because the speakers and amps with designed with each other in mind.  They are class A during normal listening and crank up to 400W, so are very quick and responsive — with the big BWs.  I’ve been extremely pleased.  

we had the original jc1s and the  Electrocompanet and chord amplifiers were far better sounding


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I am very pleased with the Michi 8 mono blocks. They should fit your budget.


Check out my review.

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