Excellent Solid State or Hybrid Monoblocks Recommendations

I am interested in staying under 15k for a pair of high performing monoblocks, sold state or hybrid, to acquire. 

My current system is an Aric Audio Motherlode preamp, a Space-Tech super tube rectifier, Teac NT-505 modded dac, outboard clock, Aerial Acoustic 7T modded speakers, ENIGMAcoustics Sopranino supertweeters, Grover Huffman Pharoah biwire speaker cables, Zavfino Silver Dart interconnects, Melco 6TB server, Melco CD transport, Waversa Reference USB filter between the cd transport and server, Waversa Reference LAN filter, Synergistic Research active grounding block, and Synergistic Research Ethernet Switch UEF.

My modded JC1 monoblocks sound heavenly.  However, I am having issues with no sound coming out of 1 channel.  My modded PassLab X250.5 amps sound really good but lack the top end sparkle, air and litheness of the Parasounds JC1s.   I am gonna fire back up my Canary CA-160 modded tube monoblocks but am not wild about the tube maintenance requirements.


So, I seek another pair of monoblocks that excel in clarity, balance across the frequency spectrum but also present upper registers with delicacy, spaciousness, and nice instrument separation.  I am looking at Audio Van Alstine 750 wpc monoblocks and the Thrax black monoblocks up for sale here on Audiogon.  Other suggestions? 

Thanks in advance.

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I went from tube integrated amp to the Class D mono blocks and separate pre-amp from Atma-Sphere. My experience with them and their products have been great. I had to call them several times for info on tubes/tweaks/ general questions about the MP-3.3 preamp and their customer service is 5-star. I have no skin in the game. Just another one of their happy customers.

I also see that PS Audio is having a killer sale on the BHK.

There's a pair of Pathos hybrid monoblocks on USAM.

I personally have the Pathos Adrenalin monoblocks and the Pathos Synapse pre. These may be out of your budget range but the Pathos Inpol for sale on USAM would be within you budget.

Pathos has a unique hybrid design that I believe they have patented. My pathos setup is my "endgame" for my main system and I am very happy with it. I have other amps in my office system which I've directly AB compared to - Hifi Rose RA180 integrated, Sophia Electric 300B monoblocks, Gold Note PA1175, and I'm getting a pair of Kinki B7 monoblocks shortly as well.

OP if you are looking for sparkle tube dac or tube cd player might be the answer. I own Andra Eaggleston speakers power hungry , tried many amps parasound JC 1, Krell, Lecinsons, Pass Labs, BAT. Only the tsakadiris tube mono Apollon made them sing. They are made from Greece. Iam not sure if you can still find them.