Exemplar Denon 3910 and Oppo 93/95

I’ve had my Exemplar 3910 over 10 years and the transport is finally beginning to fail. Has anyone gone from a 3910 to either the Exemplar Oppo 93/95. I’m wondering how they compare. I listen to classical music exclusively on this system. Also considering Shanling but have no experience with them.
Unfortunately I don't have the information you're looking for... but I do hope the thread gets some responses.  I had an Exemplar Denon 2910 and totally loved it.  I sold it when I bought a new DAC.  Tried a stock Oppo as a transport and it was significantly worse than the Denon which eventually led me to a server based system instead.  I always wanted to hear the Exemplar version of the Oppo though.  I do miss my SACDs. 
You want to stay away from Shanling,they may have the cool factor going but there are reliability issues.
I got turned onto Exemplar (http://www.exemplaraudio.com/) years ago when looking for a preamp and DAC. Nothing I tried even came close to Exemplars detail, imagining, and a beauty that just makes me want to listen and listen and listen.   

I believe John as had amazing luck modifying the OPPO Sonica DAC.  After hearing the OPPO modified with a 12AU7 output stage and outboard linear power supply, I never looked back.  You can play all your music on a hard drive directly from the SONICA, though I now have a music server hooked up to it.   I think the time of the transport is fading, and moving to getting accurate rips onto a server (I have the Eupony PTS) played back through a top notch DAC like the sonics.  I can rip directly onto the solid state drive in the Euphony, where the music is directly played back from.  The recordings sound significantly better this way. 

Just my opinion, but after years of testing, this is the best system I've found.