Exogal DAC

Hi there,

I'M looking for a Wadia DAC and know the new Exogal is the new company of Wadia's original designer, is it true that the Exogal is the same house sound of Wadia previous DAC ? really appreciated anyone can give comments on it.

I like super fast sound, tight bass, transparency, crystal clear sound with no warmth, prefer in cool side of sound.

Thanks in advance.
Was wondering the same thing. I have no idea how it sounds other than few reviews. From what i have heard nothing really sticks out and ever so slightly a touch warm. I would say competes with Aurlic Vega. I like to hear from some real owners.
I use Wadia myself but I do find them to be musically involving. Similar brands you may want to consider are Ayre, Aesthetic and Resolution Audio. I would consider them to be Wadia alternatives.