Experience with AMR DP-777

Hi there, I'm fairly new to audiogon, but have been assembling high-end systems for about 15 years now. Recently bought an AMR DP-777 and swapped tubes and it killed my left channel the first time. I'm no stranger to swapping tubes (in DAC's and Preamps), so I was surprised this happened. I've read some other threads that this sort of stuff has been an issue with this DAC. Of course the DAC sounds, but I have two questions/points:

1) for those of you that have experience rolling tubes with this DAC, what is your procedure to make sure it does cause some any system failure with the unit?

2) second thing is I've sent the unit in for the SE upgrade and will be able to report back to you guys the difference/improvement in sound, as I know it's sonic signature very well
I used to own the AMR. I would be careful rolling tubes with it. I would advise contacting the manufacturer first. They had design problems early on. I have no idea if these problems have been addressed. At the time the maker had a caveat not to roll tubes at all. I used to own the AMR.
The SE update has been discussed for over 6 months and AMR has failed to deliver. By that I mean, it has yet to ship. They say the capacitors are still being manufactured. If anyone has any more information than that please pass it on. Inquiring minds would like to know.
This unit is sensitive to ESD so wear a discharge wristband or, if you don't have one, make sure you ground yourself and don't pick up any charge ( e.g. walk over carpets). The NOS tube upgrade is worth it!

I am also a bit disappointed about the extended wait for the upgrade. Or does AMR want us to buy their DSD version?
I put the AMR on an anti-static mat and wore the wristband in a marble floored kitchen during the swap. Was swapping in the Siemen Cca Grey Shields :)

I'm still waiting for the SE. Sent my unit in May for the SE still no word. Feeling pretty ripped off. My direct feedback about AMR marketing is that they are a bit shady...say one thing and don't deliver (and do this over-and-over) -that's shady in my book.

I wouldn't look into any secret intentions with AMR wanting us to buy the DSD, I think they're just slow and experimenting with building new caps and it's taking forever. And announcing and missing a new rollout date every 4-6 weeks is pretty amateur.