Experience with Meadowlark Heron i speakers?

Does anyone have any experience with the Meadowlark Heron-i speakers? In particular I am considering getting a pair to be used with vintage tube gear. any input would be helpful...

I had a pair of Heron-i before upgrading to the Blue Heron. They are a great performer in all areas and especially nice when there are tubes in the signal path.

At today's pricing for these, they will be an extrodinary value when considering the enjoyment that you will recieve from them.

Good luck & enjoy
I have a pair in Makore finish and drive them with Classe DR8 amps run in mono.I have used a tube 20 watt Bell integrated and found that in a small room,it will work,but these speakers like more power in my view to really come alive,especially in the bass. A large room also helps.
Quite a nice speaker,and compares quite favourably to my CLs speakers for smoothness,fatigue free listening.
You can probably get them used cheap( I didn't)because not too many people know how good this speaker really is,it never had any reviews as far as I know,so it comes in under the wire as a dark horse.
I have a pair teamed with Dodd 120 monoblocks. Big, brawny and halographic sound. They err on the side of warmth and musicality, but are still quite resolving and detailed. With the adjustable bass, they offer good flexibility for fitting them into different room sizes. Sound very good at low volumes. I love them! They have provided many hours of fatigue-free listening enjoyment. They are a steal at today's used prices!

I have a pair of the older Herons. Wonderful speakers that have the same driver complement as the Heron i. Fantastic all round performers. I like them better than the Revel Performa F 30's that I had here before.
Non- fatigueing is right, yet they do not hide the details. Love the bass on these, stated response flat at 30hz
I believe the original retail on the Heron i was around $5000
They are fairly sensitive but I did notice that they did perform better when given a little power.
Can't help but be courious as to what price you may be looking to spend on them.
good luck!