Experience with Tannoy Westminster Royal Gold Reference

I own these great looking speakers for a few months, and i am looking for views on its sound quality and people who have long experienced these speakers with different amps, electronics, and rooms, etc..
Based on my short experience, it seems that they are very easy on power quantity as being very efficient speakers, but require absolute quality watts to sound their best.
It feels as if they have infinite potential for sound quality and power, as long as you have what it takes to feed them, so how far can i, should i go with these in terms of associated equipment?
I hope that experienced audiophiles out there can help me realize the full potential on these beauties.
Our customers have had really good comments working with this speaker. It seems to be very tube friendly.
The Tannoys will work well with most Tube Amps and if you can swing it id put a pair of OTL amplifiers on those beauties.

If you watch a few videos on You tube nearly all of them are paired with Tube Amps.

Those speaker deserve the best Tube amp you can afford.

I bet a Pair of M60 Atma-Sphere amps will drive them very well and still keep your bank balance happy.
Thanks dragon_vibe, at first I thought your name would have a relation with the Coincident Dragon MkII... those are the ones i actually had the the Tannoy!!
As you can see in the thread, i have gone ahead with ordering Gryphon Mephisto solo. I was a few months ago considering OTL amps, but was not sure of their capacity to drive those big drivers. My choice for OTL was going towards Einstein Silver Bullet. But for now, will have to hear what the Gryphon can do.
Congrats on your Gryphon purchase!  I use 845, 2A3 and 300B amps on my Westminster GR, have also used Dartzeel, KT88 Shindo, and others.  I always seem to drift back to the 300B's but given what the Dart did with them, you should be pretty stoked with the Gryphon.  Do keep us posted and happy listening!
I was a few months ago considering OTL amps, but was not sure of their capacity to drive those big drivers.
Just so you know, the size of the woofer has absolutely nothing to do with the ability of the amplifier to drive it. I do hear this myth a lot so it must be fairly common, but it is indeed a myth.