Experiences Selling Stuff On Audiogon?

I know Ebay is terrible, but how has your experience selling gear on Audiogon been? I have some stuff that's too high-end for the market I live in, and so I gotta cast the net wider. Not looking forward to the potential hassle.


Ebay and audiogon are terrible... they both have really high selling fees and customer service at audiogon is particularly poor. They were purchased by a group out of South Carolina a few years ago and have gone downhill ever since then. A lot of people are leaving this site.

What I don't understand is that AM and for quite a while Audiogon did not charge any fees. How do/did they exist? Where did the revenue come from for operating costs?

Today, if AM can function with no fees why can't Audiogon?


As of now there are 8,943 ads on AudiogoN and they support a forum. AudioMart USA has 10,844 ads on now with no forum. Not all ads are free.


How much does it cost to use US Audio Mart?

US Audio Mart listings are FREE for all casual users. There are certain value added features which do cost money, but the basic classified listings are free to post for hobbyists who don’t earn a revenue buying, selling, trading, or offering services related to hifi.

US Audio Mart is covering the cost of providing this service by selling advertising on the site, asking non casual users to support the site with a small yearly fee, and offering value add features like Highlighted Ads, Featured Ads, and commission based "Buy It Now", and Invoice Payments services. Your support of our sponsors or by purchasing a banner ad for your business, and your usage of our optional value add features will keep US Audio Mart going. If you are using the site to list more than 7 classifieds a month, you will be asked to support us by paying a small fee, but otherwise, all hobby users will always list classifieds for free.

For more details on the value added fee based services on the site, please see here.

I just sold two items through US Audiomart and have bought several items there too. It's always been a great experience and no fees.


Also have bought through Agon with no issues but never sold. Everyone I know locally primarily uses the former.