Experiences Selling Stuff On Audiogon?

I know Ebay is terrible, but how has your experience selling gear on Audiogon been? I have some stuff that's too high-end for the market I live in, and so I gotta cast the net wider. Not looking forward to the potential hassle.

I’ve had excellent buying and selling experiences on Audiogon and US Audio Mart.  I only buy from people with a good selling history.  I only sell to people with a good buying history and/or verified PayPal account. I don’t try to sell high-end gear on eBay.  
I bought and sold several pieces on Audiogon over the years. Always a good experience. Lately I like The Music Room. You can get a price from them quickly for outright dale or trade.
For as long as I can remember, I never had any real bad experiences selling or buying many, many items over the last (roughly) 20 years (here on Audiogon). Audio people tend to be very honest, upstanding people. There is something about audiophiles that has earned my utmost respect.

Just be honest with your descriptions and post a lot of pictures from every angle. Closeups of ANY imperfections and price it fairly. Do this and you should be fine. 
Better luck on ebay, at least I'm able to make a sale there! I seldom succeed on here and I'm not selling crap...maybe my stuff is not "elite" enough, oh well. When I sell, I sell on ebay now for the most part.