Experiences With Costly Balanced XLR Interconnects Above $3,000

I’ve had great success going with quality (and costly) mains power cables in the main system. In my experience power cords bring the most significant difference in comparison to interconnects and speaker cables. However, I have not really tried the best interconnects out there.

I currently have the Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 XLR and an Acrolink 8N-A2080III Evo XLR in the system. Both sound excellent although different in their presentation. I’m wondering if the top-of-the-line WW Platinum Eclipse 8 XLR or Acrolink Mexcel DA6300IV XLR will bring a noticeable or worthwhile improvement to the sound.

Any experiences would be appreciated.


I have tried so many cables through the years. I must admit I do like the Infigo Signature XLR and USB cables. Even though I had many problems with the distributor.

They have a very dynamic sound quality that bettered anything I have tried or owned.


Try the Iconoclast UPOCC 4x4 Gen 2 

about 2300.00

No restocking. They even pay return shipping. Absolutely not one cent out of your pocket if you return. Get the 5 ft. Cable is stiff and you may need the extra length. 

Bob from Iconoclast a true pro. 

OP, I suggest you try every cable above $3k retail. That's the only way to be sure. But since I tried their entire line, I will mention Wywires cables. Yes, every step gave a serious improvement, the biggest one - the last step. But I am talking about RCA cables, with XLR it might be different, much depending on your equipment. Still, you could try Wywires Diamond and send it back for a full refund if it doesn't work out for you. There are many people who like the Diamond and rightly so. It's around $3k. And if you want to go higher sky is the limit. In terms of price. In terms of performance - who knows ? But yes, there are better cables. What is the level of your system ?

I tired some others but the Cardas Clear Beyond XLRs on my system are great. Here's a pair very nicely priced.

I just bought those yesterday from Mr. Resnick (WBF). Moving up the Cardas chain now.