Experiences with Nirvana Digital cable ???

Does anyone have any expereince with Nirvana digital cables? What do you like and dislike about them and what have you compared them to.

I recently demoed the Nirvana DC-110, the Synergistic Resolution Ref. x2, PAD Venustas (all balanced). The Nirvana was nicely musical but not as transparent and detailed as the other two. I preferred my Ridge Street Audio Midnight SPDIF to any of the above (this with a previous DAC).
As usual, most synergistic cable may change since purchasing an Audio Logic 24mxl.
Sns talked about the DC-110, which is for balanced hook-ups.
The Nirvana Transmission Digital cable, wtih rca connectors is an excellent digital cable, very smooth and transparent. Most importantly, it doesn't screw anything up.
I've compared it to Cardas, Acoustic Arts, Analysis Plus, Straightwire and I preferred it to the others.