External DAC?

My question is am I going to improve sound quality by adding an external DAC to a Blusound node? For example, a SCHITT BIFrost and what is the best connection method? And another question to ask is about usage of my Bluesound node …just being a Streamer? Am I losing anything by doing it this way? Thanks


Me thinks you zigged when you should have zagged. I had to look twice to make sure I wasn’t in the digital forum.

Better sound put a decent LPS to your router setup, a quality Ethernet hub with LPS like the SW8 or others to add a LPS power supply , good quality Ethernet cables ,as well as USB cable a big step up  in streaming sonics. 
I added a synergistic purple to these which also added to the fidelity.

bettering your Audio system , also cost  more $$ . Removing all weak links 

in the chain.

I've found that fitting a 12v DC board from PD Creative, so there's no AC in the Bluesound, is well worth the exercise.

A Topping D90SE Desktop USB DAC with a high quality USB cable makes a difference.