External Hard Drive Search Frustration. Help

Finally i am set up with a Mac Mini and am in the end days of a trial with Pure Music. I am really enjoying Pure Music and since realizing how much it brings sonically to the table i decided i better get an external hard drive and start burning discs so i can take advantage of this. Well my oh my, just when i think i have found a drive that it seems it may be suitable i end up finding reviews that keep me from pulling the trigger on it. Think i am going to pull what's left of my hair out as well.... ; O

I am looking for a 1TB drive that is Firewire 800 compatible. Also in searching through searches i had read that perhaps 5400 drives are quieter than 7200's? Also that it may not be necessary to have the higher speed of the 7200 drive's for audio, which is what i am primarily wanting this drive for. Want to pick up two drives and have the other for a back up.

Any suggestions and help are greatly appreciated!
I'm using internal drives in a dock. Specifically: http://www.newertech.com/products/voyagerq.php

The drive I'm presently using is a Samsung Spinpoint 2tb. The drive & dock are silent.

5400rpm will be just fine as far as performance with the added benefit of less noise & heat. For these reasons, I would recommend an "energy efficient" drive.

I'm running a mini, Bitperfect &/or Puremusic & a Wavelength Crimson USB DAC.
I'll second Mrmb's observation regarding hard drive requirements. I've been using the WD "Green" drives forever, I've had one drive misbehave out of about thirty.

These folks make excellent cases, they are quiet and great uptime,


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The fact is even the best built hard drives can, and will eventually fail. Your best defense is backup' and the easiest way to do this is getting a mirrored RAID drive. Unfortunately they do tend to be a bit noisier because there are at least two drives in a housing that is usually vented with a micro fan. Short of that yod always have to make a copy whenever you added music. For single basic drives I've had good luck with Lacie's plain black plastic houses drives. I use OWC Newertech RAIDs and Hitachi Enterprise raw drives, which I've also had good luck with. No matter which you go with, backup somehow on a regular basis.
Thanks guys for the input and suggestions! I really appreciate it.

Mrmb -that Newertech dock looks very interesting and will definitely be investigating that swappable device.

Jax2 -Unfortunately my drives will be quite close to where i will be doing my listening at my desk. Noise is an issue so i have to be careful as i would naturally like to keep it as quiet as possible. Yes backup is critical as i don't want to lose files after taking the time to load my CD collection. I already did that with a my Windows file platform and now can no longer use them for my Mac so i must start from scratch.....ugh! But loving the Mac Mini and it will be worth it : ) thanks again everyone! and Happy New Year to all! : )
I already did that with a my Windows file platform and now can no longer use them for my Mac so i must start from scratch.....ugh!
Could you clarify why you "can no longer use them for my Mac." Perhaps there is a way of getting around the issue.

-- Al