Extra speakers in listening room

In a  dedicated listening room,  what is the proper way to handle extra speakers ?  Should one worry about two or three extra set of speakers? Should they be stored in the corners ? Behind the speakers ,or on far wall?  Do they have an affect on sound waves ? All extra speakers are ported cone speakers.The room is 13' x 14' x 8' . The  reference speakers do put out  extended base ( Usher 6371) .I am moving and loss my storage space.I do have  climate controlled storage space several miles away. Thanks for any  thoughts. 
Extra speakers in a room can color the sound. If you have to do it place the drivers close to the wall. It is probable that you won't notice any difference
In addition to Alan’s comments you can also short the drivers.

Install a piece of conductive wire across the +/- terminals of the extra "passive" speakers.

Easy enough to listen to the before/after results of such, and if you hear a difference you can then consider using the extra speakers as bass/mid-bass traps.


I remember years ago, visiting the Good Guys listening room and it was filled with shelves of speakers.  I listened to some plastic horn Klipsch speakers, which I don't normally care for, and they sounded real good.  I later mentioned this to an audiophile friend who had worked at the Good Guys, and he said that the multiple sets of speakers would vibrate to the sound waves of the active speakers and  create a pleasing effect that greatly enhanced the sound of the speakers.

Has anybody ever heard of this effect?