Extreme Midrange Bloom

Hello: I'm using a BAT VK52SE with the 6H30DR tubes recommended by several folks here on the Gon. I've noticed an extreme emphasis in the upper midrange frequencies which is somewhat unsettling and in fact causes an almost artificial honking presentation. Is this simply the BAT house sound or is there something I can do to resolve this anomaly? I've never experienced this in any other preamp I've owned in the past. I love the build and general fit and finish of this preamp. The user interface is excellent. An audio enthusiast friend suggested this could possibly be a result of the oil filled caps BAT is using. Any help would be most welcome since the pre is great in every other way. Accurate bass, sweet highs and a very unfortunate bloated midrange.
It seems BAT consider its pervasive use of oil capacitors a main feature of the VK 52SE. Design of 52SE may very well have been optimized for these caps. See:
I fear that replacing those oil caps with other technologies may yield unpredictable results. . . how about talking to BAT first about your concerns?
Frontier1- Please, let us know your estimation of the sound of the BAT(with both tubes sets) after it's burned in. Thanx!
It is my understanding that the BAT VK 52SE in question was already largely broken-in when Frontier1 received it.
Rodman99999's suggestion makes sense. I'll give it another 2 weeks or so before making a decision on this BAT. As Guido notes, my frame of reference is an ASL Flora which is an excellent pre. From bottom to top it is very good indeed. As is the way with so many of us audio nuts, we're always looking for the next level of sonic perfection. My amps are a wonderful set of Audio Aero Prestige 40 wat monoblocks which will remain in the system indefinitely. They employ the GE211 and 813 as driver tubes, fantastic! As a point of interest, do oil filled caps take longer than for example Teflon to break in? Again, the many observations are a great help.