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I would never allow such a privacy invading product in my house. I barely tolerate a Nest thermostat.
Well they sound kinda okay on YouTube ;0)~

Not sure about the WAF on these especially if your significant other finds out you spent over $45K on these?

Seems like they just use production SB Acoustic Satori series mid-woofers in a sealed C-Clamp type design with a tweeter housed in the black spacer between driver baskets.

It will be interesting to see if at USA shows they will allow playing listeners music or just demonstrate with their own?

@erik_squires - looking at them, I think the two drivers firing into the tubes work in a similar fashion to current Ohm Walsh designs.  Except for the deepest bass, the sound radiates into the room off the back of the speaker cone, the part exposed in this design, using the bending wave principle.  This design has limited treble extension, so it is usually augmented.  In the Ohm Walshes with a conventional dome tweeter, and here, it seems, with a flexing tube, along the lines of MBL.  My concern, if I were looking for a true omni, would be the blocking of the rearward soundwaves by the tube.  MBLs, Ohm, German Physiks all are designed to allow at least some of the sound to launch straight behind the omni driver.  It would seem this design precludes that to some degree.

As with any type of speaker design, the implementation is where it will succeed or fail.  The design type itself is secondary.


I think you are quite possibly right in most respects, that is, that the back of the drivers are being used, and the front are feeding into the tube which is then either an acoustic suspension of tapered transmission line.

However, the "bending wave" principle of the Ohms was a little different. At least on paper. :) They claimed the drivers deliberately did NOT work like pistons at all. The SB acoustics drivers certainly do.