fabulous Technics EPC-100 series re-tip

I'm pretty sure many of you guys own fabulous Technics MM EPC-100 (MM) in your rasenal, especially their top models like (P or C versions) MK3 and MK4.

The question is how to upgrade this cartridges with a new tip, cantilever, suspension:

-How can do the job properly and how much is it, how is the sound after upgrade compared to the original?

-How good is the motor of this cartridge?

-It's worth to invest more in new boron cantilever, new tip etc?

-No one can provide pressure fitted tip to the boron cantilever?

P.S. I know Axel can do the job, not sure if he can change the suspension, Soundsmith will not do that. VdH is not available in my area. Who else can treat that Technics MM right ?

Anyone on here did the same to their Technics EPC-100 mk3 or mk4 ?
@nandric you’re right, it’s an old thread and i already sold my re-tipped and re-cantilevered (by Axel) Technics EPC-100Cmk3. This is the backside of the replacement stylus essembly with (i guess) removed tension wire.

And for example this is original tension wire on my Technics 205Cmk4.

I have posted these images before in another thread, but it’s better to leave it here.

Dear chackster, ''re-tiped and recantilevered'' is different animal

than fixed suspension. My experiece is similar but less drastic than

jpjones experience. Neither Axel nor Andy were able to fix my

two 205 C, mk 3 styli.  However I was not charged by Axel but

well by Andy. As a curious person I disassembled one of them

to see the inside construction of the whole thing. Behind the

cantilever there is a small round magnet on which both the

 cantilever and the tension wire are fastened. Tension wire is

 then centered with one screw and tighten with one other. At

the end of the tube the wire end is glued to the tube end.

Behind the mentioned magnet a small rubber ring is positioned

 for the suspension. This rubber ring can  only be removed and

changed by removing the cantilever with the tension wire at the

 front side of the stylus holder. There is no way one can put this together in the reverse. My conslusion was: never mess with 

those Technics  again. Despite the lyrical comment of the Mexican.

You didn't tell us from the start about your bad experience in details. 

It would be nice if someone can report here about successful experience of suspension repair on original Technics 100 or 205 series of cartridges with SoundSmith, Van Den Hul, Dominic etc. 

Now i’m curios about sapphire or ruby NEO SAS for Technics 205C mk4. I want to hear it, but i don’t have 205c mk4 anymore, at least my friend has it, i’m looking forward to check when this Neo Sas will be available. I didn't liked ex generation of SAS on my 205 mk4, but new generation Neo Sas could be better and totally different. 

Dear chaksster, ''You didn't tell us from the start about your bad

experience in details''. I assume that your intention was to address

me without mentioning my name? Well there are two problems with

your statement. ''from the start'' in the MM thread is a curious reproach

while ''details'' my imply the parallel universe added to

the known one. But I wrote actually the same story earlier with

the basic statement that those Technics have suspension problems

which can't be fixed. I understand your inclination for disbelief

because that is how ''infantuation'' works. For ''my'' Silvia I was

convinced that not she but her parent were against me (grin).

BTW this is your third desperate attempt to find anyone who was

succesful with his Technics suspension repair. You are as succesful

 in your search as those who are searching for the right person

who can fix Technics suspension.  Anyway everyone who

participated in the MM thread should know that there are many

''carts of the month'' so you should be able to find some other


I got on hands Technics 205C MK4 re-cantilevered and retipped by Axel. A friend of mine decided to sell one of his two samples, both were fine-tuned by Axel in the past. It’s a good news because i can show high quality pictures here to all a’goners who would like to khow how it looks after Axel’s treatment (and it sounds great of course) with Nagaoka Boron Cantilever (new damper/suspension) and Nude Elliptical diamond tip. BTW This precise operation cost 359 euro alone according to Axel's current pricelist. 

P.S. He also sell his NOS Jico SAS if anyone interested (i got it here).