fabulous Technics EPC-100 series re-tip

I'm pretty sure many of you guys own fabulous Technics MM EPC-100 (MM) in your rasenal, especially their top models like (P or C versions) MK3 and MK4.

The question is how to upgrade this cartridges with a new tip, cantilever, suspension:

-How can do the job properly and how much is it, how is the sound after upgrade compared to the original?

-How good is the motor of this cartridge?

-It's worth to invest more in new boron cantilever, new tip etc?

-No one can provide pressure fitted tip to the boron cantilever?

P.S. I know Axel can do the job, not sure if he can change the suspension, Soundsmith will not do that. VdH is not available in my area. Who else can treat that Technics MM right ?

Anyone on here did the same to their Technics EPC-100 mk3 or mk4 ?
I sent my EPC-100 mk4 to Van Den Hul when the stylus fell off the cantilever and asked them to bring it back to as close to stk as possible.

Why did I pick Van Den Hul? Raul recommended him as he had sent a mk4 and VDH has a Mk4 as one of his reference carts

I believe all they did was retip the cartridge as the cantilever is still slightly off parallel.

How does it sound - excellent however it has seemed to have lost a little of its magic - that is extreme neutrality and ultra clean top end.

Still a great sound cart thou.

I would trust Axel. He seems to have done a great job re-tipping my Ortofon MC2000, another "heirloom" cartridge. It's easily the finest sounding LOMC I have ever heard in my own system. But my advice would be to adhere as much as possible to the original cantilever material and stylus shape, if you really want to preserve the "sound" of the Technics. So, the choice of re-tipper might be governed by who can do that for you.
Have tried Andy at Needle Clinic 3 - 4 times, perfect job every time and quick turnaround, highly recommended

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