Factory service for products from the 90's

I would hope reputable companies would continue service for amps and preamps from the 90's. Your thoughts?


@stereo5- I’ve owned cars that dated back to WWI. Some of the great cars were made pre-WWII. The analogy fails. There are pieces of equipment that are well worth restoring- old WE, Saul/Sid era Marantz, etc.

(there are many post war cars that are great, but whether they are worth restoring for market sake, e.g. BMW 3.0CS, Mercedes 300 6.3, etc. is a different question).

If your point is that the only safe bet is McI, I’ll disagree, though I’ve had McI stuff since the late ’60s- early ’70s and still use it. It is one of many that came out of WWII as mil-spec.

I'm not looking for restoration for marketability; just continued enjoyment of good equipment I  like the sound of.

I just ran into problems that certainly apply here. I have a McIntosh MC7200 amp from the early 90's,making it around 30 yrs ago. No problems with it at all. However, I went to change the lighting bulbs for the second time, only to discover that due to the heat of the lamps, the plastic housings around the meters, as well as the light socket holders are all disintegrating! I called Mac's parts and service. I was told there are no replacements for the housings, too bad on the socket holders, the circuit board that the light bases are soldered to are no longer available, and the actual meters themselves are no longer available. I also contacted Audio Classics and was told the same thing. 

So it makes me wonder about all this, and the fact that in the future I could have a Mac amp that would look awful, meters that don't work, lighting that no longer works, and what else? Maybe some of these meterless amps you see ( i.e. Parasound, etc) aren't a bad way to go. I love this amp, meets my needs perfectly, but I'm a bit frustrated and this looked like a good place to vent!!

@sid42     I have a MC7300 which I have owned since new. Last year I sent it off to BobTheTechAudio.com for servicing for some minor issues and to have the bulbs replaced. I’m not sure he can help you but he is very knowledgeable and is great to correspond with. He kept me abreast of everything he did and recommended. He could advise you further.