Failsafe lightning protection??

I live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains where we have some hellacious lightning storms. I would like to install my APS antenna and rotor up on a mast on the roof. My concern is of course a lightning strike blowing my tuner and whatever else in my system. What are the best lightning protecting devices for this? Thanks, Lee
Get an explicit insurance ridder for replacement value of all your gear. Nothing can withstand a lightning strike.
Unfortunately nothing exists to stop the power of a lightning strike...only thing to do is unplug if you're home, put a surge supressor on your circuit box and above all have replacement cost coverage on your homeowner's policy.
Larryken is right - simplest solution is to Unplug if you know its coming. I do it religiously. Insurance might cover it, but what do you listen-to while you're fighting it out with them?