Fair price for used Vandersteen 3a Signatures

Curius if anyone has an opinion on what a pair of excellent condition Vandersteen 3a Signatures should run? The 3a Signatures have had some price hikes over th years while retaining the same branding/labeling.   Different from the model 2's which seem to have a branding update to signify component upgrades and pricing increases.



@mustangjeff ,

If I were you, I would look into getting the Treo or Quatro (non-CT) used.

You'll get a more refined speaker that will work in almost any space. The key to Vandy's is the set up. You have to follow the directions in the manual in order to get them to sound right. 

Bass isn't an issue on the Treo unless you want/need thumping bass. And, you can always add a Vandy sub later, which has the added benefit of reducing the load on your amp, allowing it to perform better, too.

I owned the 3 a sigs, but got the Treo's and I can attest to the increased refinement of sound. 

PM me if interested, I know a pair for sale.


$2500 is the number - condition is everything and for a good clean one owner set, that's the price. Worth every penny of that too... just my opinion. 

The 3a was introduced in 1996, making it a 25y/o design.  It cost $2795 at that time, which is $5008 in April, 2023 inflated price.  According to the used equipment pricing model I have developed over the years (based on 100's of buy/sells of gear,) it should have a price somewhere in the $750-1250 range as of today.  Perhaps a little more if it is 5 years less old and in great shape.

Hope this helps.