Fake Audiophiles

-In your opinion, what makes an Audiophile a true Audiophile?

-In your opinion, what do fake Audiophiles do that makes them fake?

I know these two questions open the door to all kinds of jokes but I'm looking for more thought out, honest opinions here.
B Limo-

I understand your meaning in your query. A true audiophile cares about the best home audio reproduction. Conversly, a fake audiophile makes little to no effort in obtaining the best home audio reproduction. Happy Listening!
A real audiophile actually believes his system really does sound good. Ooops, did I just say that?
I've never heard of a fake audiophile.
There are different levels of involvement in this hobby.

Sometimes an enthusiast is hampered by a lack of funds to get as deeply involved as he would like to.

Or, sometimes those with the funds,just don't feel the need to pursue it past a certain comfort level.

What I don't understand is how some folks feel that they are music lovers,not audiophiles.

We all need a "system" of some sort to enjoy the music.

If it's all about the music,then why not enjoy it to the fullest?

I suppose,if you've never heard anything better than what you have, you don't think you are missing anything.
My take on vintage audio-some of it stands up to the best of today.

And, a lot of that great vintage stuff, was ridiculed and called obscenely expensive back in it's day.
Some things never change.

If a piece of gear that is expensive gets a good review, the cost of such gear always draws negative responses from the folks who base their judgement on the cost, not the performance.

I think there is a lot of stuff made today that will be the much sought after vintage finds in the future.

It's a good thing the audiophiles of yesterday ignored the cries of indignation concerning costs.
The vintage folks would be out of luck.

They bought that stuff at full price in yesterdays dollars with yesterdays wages.

I've never seen those folks called audiofools,with more money than sense.
I don't have anything original to contribute, but I was impressed by the thoughtful posts of Akg_ca and Tom32. I'd guess most of us see our audio systems as just a means to an end, the enjoyment of music, although just looking at my Thrones TD 124 and its SME II arm is a treat in itself. I suppose I might say the same thing about the handsome KEF Reference 107/2s, but the rest of the stuff, nah.