Fake Goertz Cable ???

Hi all, I need some advice on this.

I came across an used pair of Goertz Veracity AG-2 solid silver speaker cable which I am very interested.

Seller send photos to me but I found the outlook is a bit different from the internet photos.

The back of the cable is white in colour but not silver as most of the internet photo shown.

Other than that the engravement on the front and the heat shrink tubes look pretty solid to me.

What do u guys think ?

Many Thanks!


The white color may be a result of the lighting and the sheathing on the wire.  The embossed markings on the wire itself look authentic.  These must be a newer set than mine since mine do not have the name and model on the heat shrink (hope mine aren't the fakes!).  I don't see anything to say "fake", but then some of the crooks are very good at what they do ...

thanks pmotz.
I attached another photo which can show the colour better. You can see the back side of the cable is in white but not silver.

I don't understand why a Zobel network is required on any cable that is properly constructed with a properly built amp. Sounds like a mismatch to me.
I'd move on.
Many cables with "magic" boxes are just concealed zobels. There is no sound reason to disqualify a cable because it requires zobels. Some prefer the use of zobels even when not required.
Here's an interesting review on similar applications: