Family Band "Grace & Lies"

Highly recommended.

Ok, so this is not one to go to when your looking for some sunshine to lift your spirits, it pins the melancholy meter pretty much throughout. It is, however, beautifully written and played with gentle, soulful passion. I was not familiar with Family Band until I came across this review on Pitchfork a few weeks back. This album has been a favorite since. If your a fan of dark, folky, emotional's one to give a spin.

Ironically, I was sending this recommendation to a friend this morning and noticed that Scott Hirsch played lap steel and bass on it. He's also multi-instrumentalist on Hiss Golden Messenger's "Poor Moon" album which remains my favorite release of the year.

BTW, I think we need a new music recommendation thread. I know there are a couple of "Best Rock..." etc but nothing just to throw out stuff we come across we'd like to recommend.

Anyway, hope some of you enjoy this one too. I'm going to do a little digging and see what else they have out there.
That is interesting about CJ, Richard, given our considerable overlap. I'm with Mofi. I think CJ lyrics often genius (I'm esp. partial to the earlier stuff), all the more when you realize it is a man writing in a woman's voice.

If you like that (and I liked 2 out of 3 I downloaded; Cold Songs was a little too far out there) you may also like Low Anthem, a similar sound from, of all places, RI.
Is this available on vinyl? I have "We Walk This Road" and it is really, really good. Great production.
Just ordered it and the Too Slim recommendation above as well. Rarely get steered wrong here. Agree it's time for a "new music" thread, thx for getting it started.
Glad some others are enjoying this too.

I'll never say anything negative about the Cowboy Junkies (who I actually like!) again. Promise.

Swampkiller...Never could get The Low Anthem. Kinda pretty music but for me I could not find the soul in it. Still play it from time to time but nothing special for me.

Chopss...You've got the wrong band...or not really wrong but a different band than the one being discussed here. Just mentioning so you did not order this and get surprised.

I started a new thread for music recommendations. I'm sure it won't show up for a bit as it must clear through the unreasonable censorship but keep an eye out and post your new music finds for all.