Fascinated By GR Research Channel

Lately I've watched a number of the videos on GR Research's youtube channel and been very intrigued. If you aren't familiar with them, they design and sell some speakers, but most of their business is DIY speaker kits, and doing upgrades on customer's speakers. In the videos, they show how they measure the performance characteristics of speakers sent in and then explain the thought process and methodology of choosing improvements. 

If nothing else, anyone wanting to better understand the technical section of reviews (e.g. John Atkinson's in Stereophile), would likely learn something watching.

Another interesting aspect of these videos is the clear untangling of various manufacturers' choices in balancing cost for performance and the sonic impact of various compromises. 

Get your popcorn and check it out. 

I'm also curious to hear of your experiences with any of their kits or products and if your findings match their messaging. I've always understood that better parts quality will improve sonics, but this channel demonstrates exactly how with great clarity...fascinating! Cheers,



@dwmaggie the issue with Audio Circle is that it's the equivalent of a communist country.  The moderators will take any negative comments out because the companies that have "circles" pay for those in advertising.  So anything that is viewed negatively by the company they will have the moderators delete it. 

Felt that applied since you brought up politics. ;) 

But using that as an example of what kind of feedback you get there isn't really worth anything.

But I remember Danny being involved with av123/Mark Schifter back in the day too.

@dwmaggie Gr Research does have a crossover upgrade kit for the Magnepans. I did it with my 1.7i's and would say it was a worthwhile upgrade.

Snesvold, thank you, the xover is on my short list.  I did put Magna Risers under them, nice overall improvement.  My DWMs utilize Mye stands.  

Blk etc.  You made my point about politics right on the money.  Now about communism, have you ever been to Hong Kong, Viet Nam or any other commie country?  

I also go to Audio Science Review to read different points of view.  The moderator is very tough evaluator/measurements guy.  He will not recommend about 95 out of 100 products, his opinion.  

My experience with GR was really good. I built a pair of their speaker cables and am more than happy with the performance, the quality, and the support I got even before the purchase. I emailed Danny with some questions and he was quick to respond and easy to communicate with. I like his videos and will probably build a speaker kit one of these days. My 1.5 cents!