Fascinated By GR Research Channel

Lately I've watched a number of the videos on GR Research's youtube channel and been very intrigued. If you aren't familiar with them, they design and sell some speakers, but most of their business is DIY speaker kits, and doing upgrades on customer's speakers. In the videos, they show how they measure the performance characteristics of speakers sent in and then explain the thought process and methodology of choosing improvements. 

If nothing else, anyone wanting to better understand the technical section of reviews (e.g. John Atkinson's in Stereophile), would likely learn something watching.

Another interesting aspect of these videos is the clear untangling of various manufacturers' choices in balancing cost for performance and the sonic impact of various compromises. 

Get your popcorn and check it out. 

I'm also curious to hear of your experiences with any of their kits or products and if your findings match their messaging. I've always understood that better parts quality will improve sonics, but this channel demonstrates exactly how with great clarity...fascinating! Cheers,



I've know about Danny when he started in the business behind VMPS and Brian Cheney. :-) There were some heated debates behind Danny fixing "Some" manufactures speakers. VMPS sold kit and in those kit there were different qualities of parts. 

Danny fixes a center channel speaker and "POSTED" his repairs. Brian goes NUTS! Funniest thing I ever seen. I was at VMPS when the wars were going on a couple of times. Danny fixed the speaker all right, it weighed twice as much but it sounded wonderful. The fact was the kit had a few updates and actual factory recalls if you just asked. Danny was REAL young and didn't care for Brian's Build to the "EAR" design. Brian was a MR BASS. He was a wonder to talk to if you could get him to open up. 

I saw that guy build 12 point to point 4 way crossovers for STIIse 5 way speakers while I fixed his van. 3 hours.

He would install, an XO, spl the speakers, pull one XO add a tiny resistor or two and he was done. The speakers were matched. They were hooked up to a tone generator for 24 hour, face to face.

Brian went to heaven in 2012. VMPS closed down. BUT his products are still around doing quit well.

Danny has matured into the easy talking understand fellow he is for a reason. He is a good business man. But most of all he likes what he does, and he is honest.

Danny has a flavor too. FLAT as a pancake if he can get it there. He uses good but not over the top parts as he as learned too. HE passes that savings on to his customers. He is very reasonable and will offer options, like better caps, inductors, cables, binding post and cabinet bracing/NoRez ideas.

A lot of bang for the buck..

AV123s I tried to fix two pairs of those things. They had great sound effects in a gymnasium. I finally enclosed the planars and they improved by 1000% That was the worst OB design I ever worked with.. Even after Danny's XO reworks. They sucked less, BUT at least you could get them to work. Sure couldn't before he worked on them.

I want him to design an XO for me. One last speaker project for me. A stand mount small planar/ribbon/MB monitor. The perfect retirement speaker, throw it in the hole just before they dump me in. I'm gonna try to take it with me..:-)

GR has a fine staff too, his cabinet guy is a TOP notch guy to work with. Good communal support too. They love their Danny.. :-) Texas yeah howdy! 

Love GR research chanel,  I have been tweaking x-overs for 20 years and even if I don't voice it the same way Danny does he's really good at what he does and I have the opportunity to learn a few more tricks so thanks Danny 😊 

I think Danny is a "stand-up" guy. I have his 16 strand speaker cable, and two of his power cables. I am well pleased with both, and the 16 strand cables exceeded my expectations. Perception is a wonderful thing. You might say that he is trying to sell you something. I honestly didn't have that point of view. I saw a knowledgeable man who exposes the shortcomings, and design flaws of speakers, etc. that some folks have invested in. I have new B&W 705 S2 speakers. I would love to send him one to measure, and follow his recommendations for a possible upgrade. The problem is that my speakers pack two to a box, and shipping is crazy expensive right now. I consider Danny to be an "audio ally", and I have nothing negative to say about him.

I tried the GR-Research kit for the Klipsch RP-600m

They certainly sound different.  Better?  That's in the ear of the beholder.  I like them with the mods.

The kit lowers the sensitivity of the speakers quite a bit.  I did the mod on one speaker and left the other stock.  I could not listen to them as a stereo pair with the balance  centered.  Kind of gave me a headache.

Listened in mono with the balance skewed to the modified speaker.  Definitely takes more power to get to the same volume level, I'm guessing it's now an 85-87 dB speaker.

Been listening to them for nearly a year.  No complaints.  I prefer them over stock.

I would try one of his speakers but I'm going with the Criton 1TD-X next.