Fav Speaker & amp choice using 100 wpc more or less

Hello sports fans!

looking to arrange a primary ‘go to’ stereo rig, I have found thru the years when erecting a system, the easiest approach is find speakers that grab you and connect a 200, 400, or 600wpc amps and be done. for a while at least.

easy peasy.

but, with scads of full range or nearly full range loudspeakers available and as many amps or possibly more of them than speaker entries around, it seems there should be a ton of great to outstanding combinations of speakrs who enjoy partnering with low, or modest powered amps, be they tube or silicone based designs.

Looking for your Experience mating lowr powered amps 100wpc more or less, with loudspeakers which resulted in great to outstanding outcomes!

what do, or did you own or audition that was simply compelling, engaging, or just really hard to walk away from, or turn it off and go to bed, memorable combos.

not to make it harder but keep in mind this will be a main stereo system, so full or nearly full range loudspeakers should be the choice.

thanks much.