Favorite 300B: Sophia vs KR

Which do you prefer; S.E.T. Princess 300B Carbon Plate or KR 300B WE Clone?

I've only experienced NOS 40's/50's WE so my expectations are pretty high. Which do you think captures the essence of the WE most closely? I'm trying to keep the cost down as much as possible so EAT is not an option, as much as I was blown away by their KT88. I considered current WE but they're not in production until Spring 2011.


Phaelon: I'm looking at the EML 300B.

I want 300B tubes that are as close to the original - WE. None of this Super Sized Globe Mesh XLS...... This is why so many 300B tubes fail - they're not compatible contrary to manufactures claims.

I'm well aware what my SET monoblocks need. I had NOS WE and they were sweeeeet. But I'm on a tight budget now. I'd gladly pick up used NOS WE, or even used or new current production but there's none to be found. I'm not paying $2K for latest WE production.
I've decided to buy EML 300B ($495). I've only found two dealers in US (East and West Coast). Is that it?
I hope the EML's are everything you want them to be Sakahara. I would really like to hear your impressions once they break in, especially given your experience with the Western Electrics. Now that I've rolled my small tubes, the 300b's are next.

Rgurney: Correct. The mesh plate wouldn't match amp design/circuitry. That's most likely why so many 300B's fail - not matched for amps.

Phaelon: Hopefully I can recall what the NOS WE sounded like. It's been a few months, plus I'll have new speakers. I think the EML 300B will be satisfying enough based on feedback. It looks good too (resembles WE more then others). In the end all that matters is whether or not I enjoy the sound from my system.
I would have tried the Shuguang Treasure but timing and shipping from Canada.... plus they didn't have Grade A in stock. Considered Grade B ($375). That's how much I'd like to pay for these 300B knock-offs. I almost bought current WE production but the asking prices are ridiculous. I'd rather buy used NOS.