Favorite cable brand.

Interested to hear opinions regarding brand favorites. My personal favorites, at the moment,  are Kimber and Goertz. Two very different sounds yet both quite enjoyable. What are your favorites?
Audio Envy are my favorite budget cable
I'm very happy with ZenWave right now after trying a dozen or so other brands
I use four different cable brands. An Audioquest Diamond 💎 USB, AQ Earth XLR’s, and an AQ Thunder power cable. Two WAVE STORM BNC’s. A Danacable Lazuli Ultra hp cable. And a Stefan Audio Arts Endorfin power cable for my hp amplifier. I like Audioquest because they’re readily available to me and their pricing isn’t too outrageous for what they have. The other three I would consider audiophile boutique offerings.
In order of preference from what I have currently:

Inakustik (by far the best)
Gabriel Gold

Here are my cable makes and models:
power cords: Shunyata Delta NR and AQ Tornado HC
RCA interconnects: Shunyata Delta mainly. But a do have a longer pair of Kimbers and a pair of AQ Colorados.
SPDIF/coax: Nordost Blue Heaven and Silver Shadow
USB: Shunyata Venom and AQ Carbon soon to be replaced by AQ Diamond
Ethernet: combination of DH Labs Reunion and Supra. A couple of AQ Diamonds on the way.
Speaker cables: Shunyata Delta. But I have a pair of Cardas Clear Lights. For my Benchmark AHB2s when I use them I use my Zu Audio Libtec or Missions because they have a Neutrik NL4 termination at the amp end.
I like harmonic technology and acoustic Zen because they use OCC single crystal wire which has been shown to be the best wire for audio for over 40 years now and their prices are a lot less than audioquest and wireworld which also use OCC single crystal wire. Any company like transparent that uses ofc copper is way behind the eight ball and way overpriced. Remember folks it's just a piece of wire and not very good wire or IFC has 600 Crystal Bears which is little fractures in the wire per foot OCC has no Crystal fractures in 123 m.