Favorite cable brand.

Interested to hear opinions regarding brand favorites. My personal favorites, at the moment,  are Kimber and Goertz. Two very different sounds yet both quite enjoyable. What are your favorites?
Moon Black Dragon digital coax and speaker cables.
Cardas USB and XLR.
Audience power cables.

This all copper combination is smooth.  No unpleasant edginess.

Six of the Audience Forte 3 power cords provide a subtle emphasis on the lower midrange and bass in my system.  There is a slight reduction in clarity, but I find the tone to be beautiful sounding and the smoothness to be a benefit was well.

I quit using Pangea and Synergistic Research cables recently because with my system there was too much resolution.  Clarity was amazing, but there was a cost with too much sibilance on some tracks.  These cables might be a better fit for a system that needs to wake up a bit.  My system needed to calm down some, and so they had to go.

I listen to music for 10-12 hours a day, and so it has to be fatigue-free.  I can do that now with no unpleasant surprises.

Apogee Wyde Eye digital coax. GR Research 16 strand speaker cables. GR Research power cables. AudioQuest Pearl USB on order to eval.

McIntosh MA5300 int, Cary Audio CDP-1, Ifi Zen Stream, B&W 705 S2. I have more air, and space than I imagined possible.

Enjoy the ride!