Favorite Designer

I have noticed, reading the threads, that a lot of people are familiar with who designs what equipment. This is an area I am lost in and I am curious in your opinions. Who is your favorite designer? What did they design and most importantly why do you like that paticular designer?
I must vote for Steve McCormack here! Just for starters, he pioneered the Mod Squad TipToes which have now assumed many variations / incantations from myriad manufacturers. Has built too many components to even mention; designed musically & affordably. Fantastic customer support & advice.
Ralph Karsten @ Atma-Sphere, someday the rest will catch up and Roger West @ Soundlab.
Primarily my vote goes for the people at Apogee. We all know how the speakers sound, but they also have a pair on display at a museum. People on the outside of this little world have recognized their brilliance as well. Second vote is for George Melior. He is a very original thinker.
I have to submit a vote for Joe D'Appolito. EVERYONE uses his design. From Dynaudio to Coincident to Hales to Wilson. Yet, basically the only thing he gets out of it are those magic words of advertising "D'Appolito configuration". He is a tireless advocate in the speaker building hobby. Helping even the smallest designer who is trying to build a pair of speakers for his home. Almost all of what he provides is free. There is no more deserving person in the world of audio for the spoils($$$, etc.) of this industry, yet to say he is a common man would be one hell of an understatement. If you ever had the opportunity of asking him for help, you come away knowing you have been educated. Yet, not talked down to. A true gentleman.