Favorite Guitar Solo

What is your favorite guitar solo? The one that bypasses your cerebral cortex? The one that best hits your emotional center? Any genre. Any period. Any length. A million notes. Or just one note. Obscure or famous. You can make any excuse as to why you choose it, but explanations are optional. But you gotta choose just one.

My choice? Eric Clapton’s solo in "Sleepy Time Time" from the Fresh Cream album. Simplicity. Emotional ecstasy. Tone.
Since @dadork already said what I would have...Alex Lifeson - La Villa Strangiato...

I'll suggest Randy Rhodes - Diary of a Madman.

Maybe obscure, but Pablo Cruise’s Ocean Breeze on the self titled album (not the live version). It starts with Cory Lerios getting it on piano and later David Jenkins lights it up a bit on guitar.

This is not a guitar but a very similar string instrument. 

The lady is simply INCREDIBLE, world class.

Meet Yeliz Pasa, Turkish "saz" player:



Watermelon in  Easter Hay is transcendent indeed. 

Another Zappa face melter is at the 2:00 mark on What's New In Baltimore on Meets the Mothers of Prevention.