This was an excellent year for vinyl enthusists-cheers. For music and sound quality, what are your favorite LP's either obtained or issued in 2011? Some of mine are:
Bon Iver
Swell Season...
My favorites have been:

Dawes; Nothing is Wrong. (nicely recorded onto two 45 rpm 10" records).

Bright Eyes; The Peoples Key, (deluxe version).

Mumford & Sons; Sigh no more.
You might also want to try This Thread for a few more suggestions on the same topic without the limitation of vinyl as the medium. There are plenty of the suggestions that are available in vinyl, I suspect.
Here are two that caught my eye in a thrift shop box and then my ears:

Gershwin Live - Michael Tilson Thomas and Sarah Vaughn
The Peacocks - Stan Getz Presents Jimmie Rowles

Both have excellent music recorded and pressed beautifully.