Favorite moment with music in your car.

1970. I had one of Norelco’s first car cassette players. I’d connected it to 4 box speakers. Had my honey at my side, driving 8 kids up the hill to school every day. We’re in my yellow 1955 Ford Station wagon, dubbed ‘The Bus’. Music blasting, kids singing along to:
Aretha, Van, Uriah Heep, Supertramp, Beatles, Stones, Black Sabbath, Doors, etc

Please share your own.



I was 13 and sitting in my Dad's car while he picked up dry cleaning. The DJ on the radio said the next song is from an English group with funny haircuts. 

"I Wanna Hold Your Hand" came on and my life was changed forever. 

When my Dad returned I was all excited and he couldn't understand why. 

Best memory is before I could afford a stereo, other than my clock radio, the car was all I had. So I’d go out in the garage and crank the hell out of it. Sort of like my first home stereo will balls.

Second was in the city and cranking the hell when I noticed the guy next to me was motioning and smiling. I guess he was digging the tune too.

When I went to school in LA back in the 80’s, my friend told me she once saw me singing at the top of my lungs on freeway 605 lol.

Late 1998. My client in Italy gave me a new company car. Audi R4. I had a music system installed. One ZZ Top song had such low bass it gave me goosebumps. Had more impact than my JBL L222 Disco towers at home.

Current Tesla S Model....best fidelity i’ve had in a car (for a car that is!) with the lowest noise floor. All the coal rolling junk 30 years ago sounded like a screeching banshee coupled with all the obnoxious cabin noise...no thanks, no nostalgia there, certainly don’t miss it!