Favorite Music DVD?

I love listening to music DVDs. While there are many I enjoy, my personal favorite is the Cream - Reunion Concert - Royal Albert Hall. How about you?
Sigur Ros HEIMA. Amazing documentary that follows the band as it tours Iceland four years ago. Mind-blowing scenery with richly imagined music by a band many people in the UK believe is the equal of Radiohead. Can't recommend this too much--stands out in every fashion. Very dreamlike.
The best concert DVD I have ever seen is Stop Making Sense, by The Talking Heads. They Hired Jonathan Demme to direct it. This was before Demme was a well known Hollywood director. The combination of the video quality, filmed on 35mm,and sound and performance quality, make this one. tough to beat. Of course if you are not a fan of the band then none of this means squat. Finally one of the extras on the disc where lead singer David Byrne interviews himself is a classic example of sublime surrealism.
Second Stop Making Sense. In addition to the visual and sonic excellence, the band was at the peak creatively when made and the addition of members of Parliament Funkadelic give them a whole new sound.
I have a few:

Clapton Crossroads - 2007 Chicago Disc 1 (Susan Tedeschi is awesome)
Roy Orbison - Black & White Nights (check out all those youngn's!)
Bonnie Raitt & Friends
Norah Jones (w/Dolly & Alison)
Cowboy Junkies - Trinity Revisited
Multiple Stones but only specific cuts
Chieftains - Down the old plank road
Knofler/Harris - Real Live Roadrunning
Loreens McKennitt - Nights of Alhambra