Favorite music for studying or working

For me is Tangerine Dream.
Depends on what I'm studying.

For math related stuff I prefer modern atmospheric drum n bass. The nature of the music, I find, complements the nature of the task.

For the softer sciences, I prefer ambient music ala Brian Eno or classical.

For the newspaper or periodicals, I prefer jazz.

kinda creepy, I know.
Can't do either with my system. It is too distracting, if ya know what I mean.
Ashra Temple!!! Allows maximum focus with no outside intrusion.
Also polyphony, Orlando Di Lasso.
The Jeopardy song they play during the last "answer"

Doon din doon du du doon din doon, doon din doon da din da didadida doon dida doon dun doon dida doon, Dooot-da-doo-doot doot doot doot boom-boom.

Brings tears to my eyes every time i hear it.

Mozart for work and light, mellow piano trios/solo for studying. I'm a mad number crunching animal with my head-phones tuned to Mozart.