Favorite Obscure Rock Song

What is your favorite obscure Rock Song? 

It's hard for me to pick just one, but my favorite pick is Fleetwood Mac's song Station Man from the album Kiln House.  That song's rolling twin guitars just hit me the right way. It has a JJ Cale type of vibe with a biting lead guitar.  I have liked that song since I was in college in the mid seventies.  I borrowed Kiln House from a room mate and never gave it back to him.  Granted, I much prefer the earlier Peter Green Fleetwood Mac albums, but the Jeremy Spencer/Danny Kirwin era Fleetwood Mac created a some excellent songs on middling albums.

I am interested in learning what your favorites are.






The late / great Chris Squire made a couple of great records outside of Yes.  One is his collaboration with Steve Nardelli on a Syn record titled Syndestructable.  Another I love is he and Steve Hackett got together to form Squackett which gave birth to A Life Within a Day. 

"Supper’s Ready" by Genesis

I hate to be that guy. But the state of present day rock is pretty bad if Supper’s Ready is considered obscure.

But I am not that guy, since there is an ongoing supply of great modern music.

But as a huge fan of prog, I can go way more obscure.

Since most prog bands did not have writing hits, or radio friendly songs, as a goal, the vast majority of prog, present and past, is obscure,

Back in the 70’s, prog rock from Italy was considered equal in quality, based purely on the quality of the music, so the list of brilliant obscure prog from Italy is long and deep.

Premniata Forneria Marconi - Dove...Quando, Impressioni di Settembre, Per un Amico

Banco del Mutuo Socorrso - Canto Nomade Per Un Prigioniero Politico, Metamorfosi

Arti e Mestieri - Articolazioni

I could seriously list dozens more Italian prog songs, that are the equal or near the equal of most of their Brit contemporaries.

And that is not even going into prog from France, Spain, the US, Japan, Canada, Poland, that was also at an extremely high level.

More current stuff:

Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Elemnt, Beyond the Pale, Inside Out / near brilliant Swedish prog-metal.

Riverside - Egoist Hedonist, Second Life Syndrome, Deprived (Irretrievably Lost Imagination) / Great Polish prog/prog-metal band.

Steve Wilson - The Raven That Refused to Sing, Luminol, Raider II



@mitchagain Trapeze... the most underrated album of the 70's. I remember that nobody knew this album even back in the day. My pick would be the song Jury.