Favorite Obscure Rock Song

What is your favorite obscure Rock Song? 

It's hard for me to pick just one, but my favorite pick is Fleetwood Mac's song Station Man from the album Kiln House.  That song's rolling twin guitars just hit me the right way. It has a JJ Cale type of vibe with a biting lead guitar.  I have liked that song since I was in college in the mid seventies.  I borrowed Kiln House from a room mate and never gave it back to him.  Granted, I much prefer the earlier Peter Green Fleetwood Mac albums, but the Jeremy Spencer/Danny Kirwin era Fleetwood Mac created a some excellent songs on middling albums.

I am interested in learning what your favorites are.






Black Widow Lover by White Witch on the self titled album


You Better Realize on the This Time We mean It album by REO Speedwagon

both mid 70's works that I much like

T.U.S.A. by the Masters of Reality, which was a Ginger Baker side band …

or She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On)


Both from the same album called Sunrise on the Sufferbus.

If your bass is well grounded and solid you’re in for a treat, and get ready to Rock!

Fun thread!


This is basically the second Jeff Beck Group without Jeff. The first Hummingbird album was released in 75 while I was working at a record store and it has been a favorite ever since. This is the first song:


@pointtrucking that's a real cool song ... but, I believe it was also a major hit.

I'm that old.          : )