Favorite phono stage in the $500-$800 range?

I have a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum and a Music Hall mmf 5.1 with a Magic 3 cartridge. Any suggestions for a favorite $500-$800 phone stage?
"04-10-15: Plato
Definitely the Ray Samuels F-117 Nighthawk battery powered unit."

+1 on this suggestion. They appear used on Audiogon occasionally. Very quiet. I owned one and recently sold it to a friend who is very pleased. I upgraded to something much more expensive.

I also think using the build in stage from Rogue is a good suggestion.
Grado PH-1 in nice wooden box cost $500 new (much cheaper if you buy used). I have two in my second system for a long time, but mostly use it for MM/MI. Anyway high gain option also available to use with MC.

Also check Sound Smith phono preamps!
Consider the Vista Audio phono section. Price is below your bottom price, but it performs above your top price.
Thank you all for the great responses. Now I'm really confused. I originally asked this question because I was getting an audible hum in the Rogue phono stage. On further investigation, it appears to be in the Music Hall. I am working on clearing that up. Perhaps once that hum is eliminated, I'll have more time to determine whether I want a phone stage of simply enjoy the Rogue. Again, thanks for the help.